Make Every Day Count – Porsche Driver’s Selection

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When you think about Porsche, the first thing that comes to your mind is a luxury sports car, the wind blowing through your hair while you are driving a 911 along winding roads in South Italy, and a stop by the beach to enjoy the sunshine, the sea and the legendary body of the car.

But that is not all. Now, the brand takes its aesthetics beyond cars and launches new gadgets, which maintain the quality and character of the Italian vehicles.

The Italian sports character of Porsche perfectly fits the world of fashion. This is the case with Porsche Driver’s Selection. The brand unveils the casual collection with delightful aesthetics, ensuring top quality and comfort. What makes it so unique is the fact that it does not comprise typical sportswear but stylish casual clothes. Porsche Centre Sopot offers blouses, polo shirts, jackets and T-shirts from one-of-a-kind collections, including GT3 RS, Martini Racing, Motosport Fanwear, #Porsche, 911 and Classic. Each of them provides a different experience, just like different versions of Porsche vehicles. All the products are available for women and men, so couples can even get matching outfits.

But there is more. Porsche also offers accessories supporting physical activity, such as bags, golf balls and towels, flip flops and swimming trunks perfect for a swimming pool or a SPA, as well as sailing bags and backpacks for cycling trips. Speaking of cycling – apart from worldclass cars, the brand also produces two-wheel vehicles with a unique design. It is topquality equipment fitted with harder-than-steel carbon fibres and extra-light aluminium. This 20-speed bike also features superior acceleration ensured by topquality tyres and wheels.

Porsche gadgets are not only stylish clothes. The brand also offers mouses, umbrellas, watches, mugs, glasses, keychains and other accessories, which will make your day better. If you accept the established routine, let it be stylish. Porsche Driver’s Collection Style.

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