Big and Modern Investment in Chwarzno-Wiczlino in Gdynia

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Chwarzno-Wiczlino is the largest in area district of Gdynia, attracting more and more new inhabitants every year. The dynamic development of the district is a result of putting up new residential buildings, which is followed by investments in the transport, services, and social infrastructure. In September 2019, a modern school and kindergarten complex was opened on Wiczlińska Street, opposite the popular residential estate Wiczlino-Ogród. In this exceptional complex, which is one of the biggest investments in Gdynia in recent years, instead of the typical ring of a school bell, lessons begin with a song broadcast from the school radio.

The newly-built General Education School Complex No. 8 comprises Primary School No. 37 and High School No. 17, which is the only Microsoft Showcase School in Poland. The modern facility was built for about 700 students, and it boasts IT rooms, a dayroom, a dining room, a library, a projector room, a teamwork room, and a cooking room. The school building is connected to a large sports hall. As part of the complex, also a basketball court, a multi-functional court with artificial grass and mini stands, and running tracks were built. What is important, the district inhabitants may also use the complex infrastructure.

In a separate building, State Kindergarten No. 59 for about 200 pupils was set up. The new kindergarten with a fully-equipped playground concentrates on holistic child development. The facility is located near a forest, where children can go for walks.

The new investment has expanded the education infrastructure of Chwarzno-Wiczlino, which includes, among others, nurseries, kindergartens (including two state kindergartens), and primary schools – Nos 37 and 48. However, its present shape is not final. The complex plans provide for constructing an indoor swimming pool at the second stage of the investment. This is good news not only for students but also the inhabitants of Wiczlino-Ogród, Sokółka Zielenisz, Fort Forest and Chwarzno Polanki estates. 

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