Integrate Your Work and Private Life with Blackberry KEY2!

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Nowadays, a cell phone is much more than a communication device. It is an organisation and entertainment centre of our life. We use smartphones to order food, a taxi, look for socks under the bed with the torch, and watch TV shows. Whether you like it or not, it is the first thing we reach for in the morning and the last we see at night. Especially now, when availability and the response time are so important in building the professional career, the growing popularity of the concept of work-life integration is no longer a surprise.

What is it all about? In response to, well, the facts, we dropped the unrealistic idea of work-life balance, mostly based on the system of the past – get up, work, go home for dinner. The contemporary job market requires us to be flexible, available, and ready to work in every moment of our life. This is how the idea of work-life integration emerged. Instead of lying to yourself that work does not affect your life, accept the fact that it is a part of it and incorporate it in your daily matters. As a result, although you have to be available, you are not a slave of your phone. Provided that you have the right phone, of course.

The concept of work-life integration only works when integration is smooth, and switching between the state of professional and private activity is effective. Of course, as we have already mentioned, the centre of our professional and private life is our cell phone, where we keep not only all professional files but also private photos, texts, etc. Therefore, BlackBerry’s idea on the integration of these two fields is a thing to take a closer look at. How does it work?

It is very simple. Instead of two phones for work and private life, you have one. The Dual SIM technology allows you to switch effortlessly between the professional and private modes without turning off your phone. Thus, you can always check whether you need to do something without the disturbing alarm going off somewhere at the bottom of your bag. One device means one charger, and it should be noted that BlackBerry KEY2 is an unquestionable leader in battery life as its battery lasts up to 48 hours of intense use on one charging. Why is it so important? Because you think so. You – the Users. According to studies, the most important feature of a company phone is battery life. The second one is easiness of use, and the third – smooth operation, and both these elements benefit from the Dual SIM technology. Moreover, the new BlackBerry smartphone is a wild animal in terms of its efficiency. It is fast and efficient, and, thanks to extra safety features, sending data between the private and professional life is always easy and safe. Another highlight is the so-called app cloning, which allows the user to use two accounts simultaneously – the private and professional one. It is the same with Android for Work integrated with the BlackBerry system. Your phone can easily switch between your private and professional accounts. This feature is especially popular among large corporations.

Work-life integration may be a new and difficult concept, which seems terrifying at first. However, with proper technical support, you will be able to handle the new, difficult time with an old and new friend – BlackBerry.

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