Cycle Through the Autumn! Discover EuroVelo 10 Trail!

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Polish Golden Autumn. A sight to take your breath away, bring nostalgia and… make you want to stay at home. Unfortunately, every year, when autumn arrives with the cold weather, we prefer to sit on the window sill with a cup of hot drink and a good book. It is not good for our physical well-being, and staying in stuffy, radiator-heated rooms may soon cause diseases or general unwellness. Why not take a cycling trip then? Especially if there is a good opportunity for it.

The EuroVelo 10 Trail from Copenhagen to Gdańsk is a legendary journey. Every cyclist dreams about riding this trail prepared by cyclists for cyclists, where you can admire breath‑taking views and have an adventure of a lifetime.

This article, however, will focus on the Polish part of EuroVelo 10, in particular, the landscapes in the region of the Baltic Sea. Starting from Kołobrzeg, through Międzyzdroje, Ustka, to Gdańsk – at every turn, you will find a place worth stopping by. The trail along the coast is constantly developing. Newly-built paths, parking spaces, and signage make cycling along EuroVelo 10 even more pleasant and eco-friendly. It is a great option for families who want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life and are after more secluded, snug hostels or resorts, where they can combine physical activity with the cosiness of a forest cottage. In the world full of stimuli, which have a particularly negative effect on children, it is an interesting holiday alternative, which makes it possible to bring family members closer and help save the planet a little.

What are the highlights of the EuroVelo 10 trail? One of them is the Lighthouse Trail connecting 17 lighthouses in Zachodniopomorskie and Pomorskie Provinces, which is definitely a must. The trail covers 669 kilometres leading through remarkable seaside resorts.

Another spot that you can’t pass up is the Słowiński National Park. The coastline forest, large coastal lakes, marshes, and the showcase of the region – shifting dunes – are only some of the attractions of this historic region. The more unusual attractions include a military training area from the time of the Second World War, where Germans used to carry out the military ordinance, and the open-air Museum of the Slovinian Village in Kluki, where you can learn more about the life of historical Slovinians who used to live in the region.

While planning your trip, do not forget about the Beka Nature Reserve in the Kaszubskie Coast, by the Bay of Puck. It is a part of the Coastal Landscape Park. The park is situated in the village of Beka, which was once swallowed by the sea and now is home to a great number of rare fauna and flora species, including amazing birds inhabiting the reserve. The specimens that you can find in the region include such birds as bittern, greylag goose, common shelduck, red-breasted merganser, western marsh harrier, hen harrier, Montagu’s harrier, spotted crake, little crake, common crane, oystercatcher, common ringed plover, common redshank, northern lapwing, common snipe, common kingfisher, short-eared owl and citrine wagtail.

Although autumn blues affect all of us, try and chase the clouds away with cycling. There are not many more pleasant things in life than leaves under the wheels, conversations under a blanket by the fireplace, and the kingdom of silence which few of us can afford nowadays.

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