Autumn Gifts in Pomorskie

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Early autumn is an exceptionally attractive time for hiking and family trips. Apart from the spiritual feast, the region of Pomorskie also offers unique tastes, which you will not find anywhere else.

Explore them in restaurants in Pomorskie, where the chefs try to outdo each other in creating exquisite dishes from fruit, forest gifts, and local venison. Take part in the autumn feast of unique tastes and have a look at our pick of mouth-watering inspirations.

Discover Retro Cuisine Anew

Pomorskie is famous for excellent venison and long traditions of its unique preparation. Boar ribs offered in 1906 Gourmet Restaurant in the Ciekocinko Palace are a nod to the traditional cuisine served in landed estates a century ago. Chef Paweł Dołżonek serves it with celery and onion and wood sorrel broth, which has become very popular in the cuisine of Pomorskie in the recent months. The chef uses the ingredients from the local forests, the Baltic Sea, and the palace garden. The Ciekocinko Palace offers remarkable flavour combinations in excellent and refined dishes.

In Gdański Bowke (11, Długie Pobrzeże Street) in Gdańsk, you can go back in time and enjoy the atmosphere of a port from about 200 years ago. The autumn menu contains a real treat for foodies – spicy deer tenderloin with demi-glace sauce and a pinch of chilli served with fried boletus, scorzonera, and Kashubian potato. The restaurant also recommends homemade dumplings, freshly baked bread and pralines with Goldwasser liqueur.

In the Old Brewery Kościerzyna (3, Słodowa Street), the chef recommends hunter’s soup with dried mushrooms and a spicy surprise – Zubrowka Bison Brand Vodka, which will warm you up on a chilly evening. This lovely place with a historical background also offers beer from a local brewery.

Slowly and to Your Heart’s Content

The Poraj Palace Restaurant (5, Poraj) is known for cherishing the best traditions of Polish cuisine. Located in the heart of a small island near Łeba, the restaurant attracts visitors with its surroundings – a large park with three ponds and an island. The menu contains exquisite dishes, such as deer tenderloin in mushroom sauce served with pearl barley and aromatic mushroom sauce.

Tabun Restaurant (29, Konna Street) in Otomin offers pork tenderloin with forest mushrooms. The restaurant is famous for excellent local ciders and promoting the idea of slow food. It boasts its own smoking chamber, stud, and ever-present peace, which creates an atmosphere of idyllic holidays.

The oldest restaurant in Gdańsk, Kubicki (5, Wartka Street) serves deer carpaccio with juniper sauce. The restaurant menu refers to the old Gdańsk traditions, and the kitchen also offers unique ready-made dishes. For the main course, the chef recommends pork tenderloin in balm plum sauce. Finish the feast with a sweet coda – halva ice cream with marinated plum. From the restaurant, you can enjoy a splendid view of the River Motława. Restaurants in Pomorskie have something in store for vegetarians, too. PG4 Brewery (4, Podwale Grodzkie Street) recommends meat-free stuffed‑cabbage with mushrooms from Kaszuby forests, wild raspberries, and bilberries for the original vegan caviar. As the name suggests, it also offers regional and craft beers popular in the whole region and unexpected tastes.

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