Gdańsk Airport Expands Its Passenger Terminal. We Are Building a Jetty!

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For those who are unfamiliar with construction terminology, a jetty is usually a port hydro‑technical structure which can be compared to a big, long pier although in this case, instead of romantic walks, it has a more technical purpose. At airports, the jetty is an extension of the main terminal hall with jet bridges radiating from it, leading directly to the plane.

‘The construction of the jetty is our priority since it will allow us to enhance the comfort of passengers travelling to/from the Non-Schengen Zone as well as our carriers. Therefore, despite higher costs than initially planned, we decided to carry out the project,’ said Tomasz Kloskowski, CEO at Gdańsk Airport. ‘I can assure you that the airport will still be safe and operational without a few other smaller investments; besides, we hope to obtain EU funding for these.’

The expansion of the passenger terminal with an extra jetty will give Gdańsk Airport as many as 16 thousand square metres of floor space. Other spaces to be expanded include the central security control zone, the passport control zone, the luggage claim hall, and the Non-Schengen zone. Moreover, two bus exits will be added. The network of internal access roads to the airport will also be expanded.

Until recently, the jetty construction at Gdańsk Airport was in question since most of the offers exceeded the airport’s budget. Still, the management decided to finance the construction and slow down the implementation of other smaller investments.

Finally, the tender was awarded to Doraco Construction Corporation. The overall investment cost is over PLN 255 million. The investment is planned to be carried out within 26 months. It is financed with own funds and the obligations issued by Gdańsk Airport in cooperation with Pekao S.A. The T2 terminal extension will last until the end of 2021.

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