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In the previous articles of this series, we have described BlackBerry as a cultural phenomenon and a ‘safe’ phone designed in response to contemporary dangers of the Internet. This time, however, we are presenting the brand in its usual style. The key word here is business.

The business community, with its characteristic esteem, has developed a liking for BlackBerry. The phone has been very popular among Wall Street brokers, Polish businessmen, and business bigwigs from the Far East. But it begs the question, why?

The answer is – as we have mentioned a number of times – security, security, and, finally, a little more security. The business community is particularly sensitive to any risks of losing data or leaking trouble information. According to the results of the study ‘Smartphones at work. Data security on company phones’, mobile devices are particularly exposed to hacker attacks. As many as 68% of employees do not know how to protect data and identity on company phones. According to the study, ‘Data concerning clients, business secrets, innovations, or technologies are an attractive target of cybercriminals, who try their luck at company phones more and more often. […] Nearly one in five employees has been a victim of such an incident at work. The incidents mostly concerned data leakages on the Web (31%), phishing attacks (27%), or data leakages in the social media (27%).’

In most cases, the problem is that the users are not aware of the danger and are not trained in securing their devices or using the Web in a responsible way.

‘Although mobile devices have become the basic tool at work and a carrier of important company data, they are rarely properly secured. What is more, due to their small size, they are particularly exposed to loss or theft,’ said Daniel Szoszew, Sales and Marketing Director at Cyfrowe Centrum Serwisowe S.A. ‘If a company phone without proper security falls into the wrong hands, it may become a serious risk to the company,’ he adds.

What does it have to do with BlackBerry? This brand is an indisputable leader in smartphone security. The basic security feature introduced by BlackBerry to Android was improved system integrity. For that purpose, a number of improvements and enhancements have been implemented to support and complement the solutions already introduced by Google. Cryptographic codes implemented to the hardware and secured system booting protect your phone against unauthorised access to hardware. Moreover, data encryption with the FIPS 140-2 standard has been approved by the most important government administration institutions all over the world – these are only examples its advanced security system features.

One of the key advantages of new BlackBerry phones for business is the so-called BlackBerry Infrastructure. It is a global private network facilitating safe and encrypted data transfers. Another important feature is their integration with EMM/MDM systems – interplatform systems facilitating the management of company mobile devices.

Thus, it goes without saying that BlackBerry has taken significant steps towards enhancing data security. According to the studies, it is particularly important in business, where insufficient protection may result in considerable costs and reputational damage. Therefore, it is worth ensuring that your mobile devices and, consequently, finances as well as trust and reputation gained over the years are secure.

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