Two sides of taste

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The True restaurant offer is based on delectable Surf & Turf dishes. This type of cuisine is a unique way of mixing red meat with seafood which creates diverse and exceptional tastes.

The menu is based on the products of the highest quality with fresh fish and seafood from all around the globe, and selected meats. The restaurant serves one of the most expensive and rare beef in the world – Black Angus and Wagyu. Traditional food preparation techniques combined with modern and creative approach to serve makes visiting this restaurant near Motława River a memorable esthetical experience.

The creators of this culinary spot emphasize that their number one priority is the guest satisfaction and their extraordinary experience based on the unique tastes and entire esthetic.

In the menu you may find rather surprising and unusual dishes starting with sophisticated Lobster Thermidor, which is served in cream and brandy with parsley, baked in Gruyere and cheese crust, oysters for more demanding customers, fresh octopuses, through sea urchins and langoustines, refreshing fish and seafood salads with aromatic coriander, chili and lemon juice. On the other side of taste – completely opposite to seafood – masterfully fried ribeye steaks, roast beefs and delicate beef carpaccio.

The restaurant is located in the new heart of Gdańsk – Wyspa Spichrzów that will soon become a culinary and tourist center of the Old Town. Another great asset of the restaurant is the sunkissed and comfortable terrace with a breathtaking view. Motława River and old architecture that can be seen from there attract tourists from the whole world and constantly reminds people of Gdańsk about the magic of Pomerania.


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