Great brands, lower prices and great atmosphere

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Designer Outlet Gdańsk is an amazing place on Pomorskie shopping map. It’s the one and only outlet center in Tricity that has over 100 of the best and most popular brands and gives customers a chance to buy products 30-70% cheaper than the regular price. The unique climate of a fisherman’s village and friendly atmosphere make shopping in this place a pure pleasure.

Located in Szadółki, a district of Gdańsk, right next to Tricity bypass, Designer Outlet Gdańsk has much to offer to its potential clients. As the only outlet center in Tricity it is also one of the most desirable shopping destinations, despite a big amount out malls in Gdańsk.

There are more than 100 brands in the store such as Asics, Benetton, Calvin Klein, Lacoste, Guess, Pepe Jeans, Nike, Timberland or Tommy Hilfiger. If you care about both fashion and high quality, Designer Outlet Gdańsk is one of the best places to visit. 30% discount on regular price is a standard but it goes up to even 70-80%! The clients can also benefit from many temporary discounts such as 2 for 1 or 50% discount for the second product and many, many more.

Slow shopping

Another thing that makes Designer Outlet Gdańsk stand out is its unconventional fisherman’s village appearance with it literally great symbol – 25 meter high lighthouse. In contrast to other shopping malls, the outlet offers their clients slowshopping so they can enjoy shopping with a minimum of bright colors and no unnecessary lights. The interior of Designer Outlet Gdańsk is cozy, with natural greenness and wooden benches making it almost identical to an original Scandinavian fisherman’s village. A quick break with a freshly squeezed juice, aromatic coffee, and fine meal will make your time at Designer Outlet a pleasure. This atmosphere makes shopping a pure enjoyment. Additionally, an opportunity for “catching” some amazing discounts to buy best brand products makes it even more thrilling and satisfying.

Come and see for yourself!

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